Western Abenaki in Saints and Strangers


Another article profiles the use of the language in the movie premiering this weekend, this time from National Geographic itself. Video clips and anecdotes recount the actor’s responses to their Native dialogue and Jesse Bowman Bruchac talks about his role as language coach and the significance of indigenous languages as integral to culture.

A Message of Truth and Love: gkisedtanamoogk

gkisedtanamoogk speaks with words that fly strong and straight; his counsel is needful, timely, and lasting. He serves on the Maine Wabanaki-State Child Welfare Truth & Reconciliation Commission. His biography, from his own site:

I have many years experience in ‘creative’ ways to bridge the socio-political polarization of the Indigenous Nations of Turtle Island and the newcomer nation-states of North America. It is a remarkable process still unfolding, but with some encouraging signs. My professional background is in human and community development and my interests include Law, History, and Spirituality. i am Wampanoag from the Federation of the Pokaunauket and practice the Ceremonial Life of my People; i am Otter and Turtle Clan; married with three Children; Education and Cultural Specialist and co-founder of the Anikwom Wholelife Center in Maine whose work and proximity correlates to the Wabanaki Confederacy Territories; i am currently adjunct faculty and Still Water Research Fellow for the University of Maine at Orono.