Nebi, Abenaki Ways of Knowing Water

A just-released short film by Vince Franke of Peregrine Productions, LLC, created to support the watershed education programs of Lake Champlain Sea Grant, UVM Extension, the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources, and to help preserve these stories for the Abenaki and others. Funding was provided by NOAA, Sea Grant, and an anonymous donor.

Centering on Bitawbagw/Lake Champlain and then water in general, the film is a series of interviews with people in the Native community expressing their understanding of  being in relationship with life-giving water. Each story teller provides their own unique interpretation; I was honored to participate in this group effort with Chief Don Stevens, Chief Roger Longtoe Sheehan, Chief Eugene Rich, Melody Brook, Lucy Cannon Neel, Cody Hemenway, Morgan Lamphere, Bea Nelson, Fred Wiseman, and Kerry Wood.


Direct link to Vimeo here.

Early Abenaki Life Through the Artwork of Bea Nelson

bea nelson abenaki sugarmaking

We have so much talent here in the Northeast Kingdom. The March issue of Vermont’s Northland Journal will feature the sketches of early Abenaki life by Bea Nelson of Derby. Her work and knowledge are simply amazing. It only seems fitting that her work appears in the March issue – our sugaring edition. History indicates it was the Abenaki and other Native groups who taught the first European settlers about the wonders of the sugarmaking. These are some of Bea’s artworks.

See the full notice at the Northland Journal blog.