Standing for Love in the Forest of Sandisfield–A Microcosm of the World

Reflections from Jennifer Browdy about the ongoing situation in Sandisfield/Otis State Forest, provoked by the Tennessee Gas/Kinder Morgan CT Expansion Pipeline. From her Transition Times blog…

Transition Times

Last week I went to a meeting of the Conservation Commission in the little hill town of Sandisfield, MA, which has many more trees than residents. Indeed, it has no “town” to speak of, just roads threading their way through forests, streams and lakes, making it ideal habitat for beaver, coyotes, deer, bear, and many other birds and animals, including the occasional moose.

But now, Kinder Morgan has come to Sandisfield.

For more than a year, the local Conservation Commission, composed of three residents who serve as civic volunteers, has been meeting with representatives of the giant multinational fossil fuel corporation, which has gas pipelines running for hundreds, maybe thousands of miles in my corner of the world: the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Maine, and on up to the big commercial tanker port of St. John, New Brunswick.

989861-13505321195442436-clayton-rulliKinder Morgan wants to clear a site…

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