Penibagos: Leaf Falling Moon

The full moon of this month fell on October 13, 2019, using our contemporary Gregorian calendar. This is the middle of the lunar cycle that began with the new moon on September 28 and which will renew on October 27. The lunar moon comes close to aligning with the calendrical month on this cycle, as we progress through Tagu8go, the Autumn season.

The tenth moon of the Abenaki solar year is the Leaf Falling Moon, Penibagos, following the preceding ninth month of Skamonkas, the Corn Maker Moon. The harvests have been gathered in, the last of the berries, nuts, and herbs are being gathered and put away, and the frosts are bringing the tree’s summer cloaks down to wrap the Earth in a rustling blanket.

The name of the moon is a straightforward combination of two separate root words: the first is “pen-” which signifies “down” or “downward’ combined with “-bag[w]” which denotes a “leaf.” At the end we have “-os” as a shortened form of “kizos,” the moon itself. These  morphemes combined with the connector “-i-” creates the sequence “pen-i-bag-os,” pronounced pen-EE-bahg-oos, the Leaf Falling Moon

And so, we ready ourselves for the approaching dark and the cold of Pebon, the Winter, and the last two moons of the year, yet to come.

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7 thoughts on “Penibagos: Leaf Falling Moon”

  1. Leaf Falling Moon! I love this. Reminds me of the lunar cycle we are amidst in the Jewish calendar, called Tishrei (TEESH-ray). One of the rituals of the holiday of Rosh Hashannah, celebrated on the new moon of Tishrei, is tashlich. In this ritual, we take bread crumbs or other items made sacred with our intention and cast them into flowing water. As we cast them off, we articulate what it is we are letting go of as we enter the new year. The word tashlich is in the root word family of shalekhet, a word that means leaves falling from a tree. My favorite moon of the year is Leaf Falling Moon 🙂

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    1. I like this story, Cara, and the connections it is making for this season that we are in. Thank you for sharing it! Sorry for the slow reply – I don’t think I received a notification for your comment – just saw it fortunately. I hope you and yours are well, my friend.


  2. The Lunar cycles were taught to me by my grandfather whose family is from Novia Scotia. I also know a lot about it due to learning how to find myself peace through meditation. I learned a lot through my grandfather whom was in-tune with his heritage and loved to feel close to his soul by being close to nature. I got my love of nature, animals, history and native culture through him. I read every part of your blogs and some things I knew and some things I am learning and it makes me feel at home and close to my grandfather whom has passed. It relives conversations while woodworking to make guns for hunting and making things that also come from the land from our hikes in the woods of fallen trees. It’s very sad to know that my ancestors and those still alive lost their homes and a lot and even all of their true Heritage and land due to humans and their need to have things. though I do my best to live a simple life the world around me and my children are in a completely different world now and makes it hard to keep a home as simple as possible.. Its important to teach the true history and I thank you for all your research and knowledge so that i can continue to teach my children that there was a better much simpler and calmer world that made people just as happy and they didn’t need technology and a ton of toys to do so!

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    1. Thank you for this message Sonya and the thoughts you have shared. I am happy that you find some value in the things I am able to place here. I hope there will be many more fruitful exchanges. K’w8wl8wzi – be well!


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