Drew Lopenzina Brings William Apess Back Home (Again)


Hey Massachusettians:

What better way to spend a Friday night in May?

A New Look at Colrain-born Pequot Indian, William Apess
Friday, May 5, 7:00 pm, Greenfield Community College, Stinchfield Lecture Hall:
Preregistration required: $5,
Presenter: Drew Lopenzina

Drew Lopenzina, who calls Western Massachusetts home, currently can be found at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is professor of Native American and Early American literature. His talk will focus on the remarkable life, writings, and activism of the Colrain-born 19th-century Pequot Indian minister William Apess. Lopenzina is the author of two books: Red Ink: Native Americans Picking up the Pen in the Colonial Period and his recent publication, Through an Indian’s Looking Glass: A Cultural Biography of William Apess, A Pequot. Through his works Lopenzina hopes to bring attention to the poignant historical contributions and sustained presence of Native American communities in the northeast.


[From Drew on Facebook. I can vouch for this guy.]


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