Shutesbury Solar Project Advances, With Opposition

shutesbury planning commission

A controversial project to build a 6.2-megawatt solar array on a 30-acre parcel off Pratt Corner Road is moving forward again after the Planning Board recently agreed that the developer has successfully completed archaeological studies that are a condition of a special permit issued in June.

But those studies are insufficient for some concerned with the project.

Opponents, worried that it may be going up on a site used for Native American burials or ceremonies, say the two archaeological studies completed for Lake Street Development of Chicago, and submitted to the Planning Board, don’t meet conditions that demand a surface survey of the land be complete. A Traditional Cultural Properties Assessment, they say, must be done that meets federal Department of Interior standards.

Read the full article by Scott Merzbach in the Amherst Bulletin.

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2 thoughts on “Shutesbury Solar Project Advances, With Opposition”

  1. Those standing up to the injustice of this act are not opposed to solar. It is incorrect to portray us that way. We are speaking out against the wrongness of destroying a live forest community and trampling over Native American Ceremonial and Burial grounds. The solar installation company needs to go and find a parking lot to build this array. Private profit should never overtake religious practice. These grounds are sacRED land and there needs to be an official Tribal Heritage Preservation Officer allowed to verify human remains. Why has COWLS trespassed all THPO’s, and many concerned Shutesbury residents, if they do not fear what will be found? Shutesbury’s officials, by doing this, are only adding to the erasure of Native American Heritage and History. It is a sad state of affairs to witness this happening in modern time.

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