Shutesbury, MA Warrant Initiative to Protect Native Sites

shutesbury ma town seal

Development pressures that could compromise sacred and ceremonial American Indian sites are prompting concerned residents to ask annual Town Meeting to mandate better protections and more thorough studies of Shutesbury land.

The petition, known as the “Resolution to Preserve Native American Historical Sites and Traditional Cultural Properties, Including Ceremonial Stone Landscapes,” was recently submitted for inclusion on the May 6 warrant by Friends of Shutesbury and the Oso:ah Foundation. Oso:ah stands for “planting a tree in the name of peace.”

James Schilling-Cachat of Leverett Road, a spokesman for the groups, said the article is important because the town is rich in sacred stone sites, yet they are at risk because little has been done to catalog them.

Read the full article by Scott Merzbach in the Greenfield Recorder.


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3 thoughts on “Shutesbury, MA Warrant Initiative to Protect Native Sites”

  1. Taubotne, (Wliwni ni), Netomp, (nitab) wutche wunne awighikan! We are working for equal preservation, which is in keeping with the Massachusetts Historical Commission’s policy of “equal preservation . . . regardless of racial or ethinc origin.” These Maunumúetash are our places of worship. Chiga, chiga? Wajônemoda sasaginnowôgan. Aquène, Nohham. (When oh when. Let us have justice. Peace – ‘Goes by Water.’


      1. Kuai kuai. T8ni kd8ll8zin? N’w8l8zi. I’m used to the old spellings. N’dai Sanakkamakok wji Nashaue Nipmuk. T8ni llekisgad Wantastegok? Wawamamguat ali pilowel8msek. N’maskawloh8mibenaji siguan (we’ll praise [?correct?] spring). O’dokazimak (as say[?] the) Nipmukoak: Aquène.


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