Sacred Sites: Nashoba and Seismic Anomalies

Recent and ancient synchronicities.

nashoba hill boudillion

Read this overview of the Nashoba Praying Village, and its larger story, by Daniel Boudillion.

And the latest seismograph record from the Harvard, MA Seismic Station, immediately adjacent to Nashoba Hill.

harvard ma seismograph mar 15 2017

Things happen here.



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The world is a big place. This is how it appears to me. Your results may differ.

6 thoughts on “Sacred Sites: Nashoba and Seismic Anomalies”

      1. It was quite a while ago Rich when I had my own car – and I tested it. My neighbor implies it’s well known around here – he’s a local. But it’s a mystery. I don’t live far away – within walking distance. We should walk together.

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    1. Yes, sacred places have been known by natural peoples for a long, long time… They were/are/always will be sensed as locations where the Universe converges, time without end (or beginning).


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