NorthStar Files Federal Application for Vermont Yankee Sale

A New York company has taken another big step toward purchasing Vermont Yankee. NorthStar Group Holdings has filed an application with the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to acquire the license of the shut-down Vernon plant. The request was filed jointly with Entergy, the facility’s current owner.

Encompassing more than 200 pages, the application is a comprehensive attempt to convince the NRC that NorthStar has the expertise and the financial wherewithal to clean up the plant decades earlier than Entergy had planned.
The bottom line, administrators contend, is that “this transfer is desirable and of considerable benefit to the citizens of Vermont.”

Full story by Mike Faher in the Brattleboro Reformer.

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2 thoughts on “NorthStar Files Federal Application for Vermont Yankee Sale”

    1. It’s one of those paradoxes, but it’s a frightening reality. This is the plan at the moment… turn over the decommissioning to a for-profit, absentee contractor, as surprising as that might seem. I am following this closely because the area is highly sensitive for Native heritage settlements and activity areas, and has never been recognized or documented as such in the record. Many indigenous burials were exhumed in the immediate area when the hydro dam was built in 1909. I am going to try to change that situation if at all possible. Wish me well!

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