Drew Lopenzina on William Apess at Full Snow Moon Gathering


“William Apess, Standing Rock, and the 1833 Mashpee Resistance”
Professor Drew Lopenzina, Saturday, February 18, 1 p.m.
Great Falls Discovery Center, 2 Ave. A, Turners Falls, MA

Drew Lopenzina hails from western MA and teaches Early American and Native American literatures at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. His recently published second book, Through an Indian’s Looking Glass (University of Massachusetts Press) is a cultural biography of the Pequot activist and minister William Apess, who was born in Colrain, the first Native American to write and publish his own book-length treatises and memoirs in the 1820’s and 30’s. Advance praise by Barry O’Connell states that Lopenzina “brings Apess nearly fully to life, which no one else, among many scholars, has. I know of no better reader of Apess’s own writing.” Lopenzina is also the author of Red Ink: Native Americans Picking up the Pen in the Colonial Period. His essays appear in the journals American LiteratureAmerican QuarterlyStudies in American Indian LiteratureNative American and Indigenous Studies and others.

Free and co-sponsored by the Nolumbeka Project and DCR.

Contact: Diane Dix: 413-773-9818, www.nolumbekaproject.org, nolumbekaproject@gmail.com       

Publisher’s listing here.



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2 thoughts on “Drew Lopenzina on William Apess at Full Snow Moon Gathering”

    1. Two weeks away. Drew is a super guy… I first met him when he spoke in Colrain a couple years ago on Apess; the locals didn’t seem to know how to handle the information, didn’t fit their paradigm of rugged Yankee individualism. We went for a hike together this past summer up on Catamount Hill, William’s birthplace. Looking forward to further conversations with him. Definitely attend!

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