Peter Thomas Shares History at First TF Educational Forum


A local historian says he believes it unlikely that whoever chose the Indian to represent the Gill-Montague school district did so for its historical significance.

Peter Thomas, a retired professor from the University of Vermont, discussed the King Philip’s War and its relevance to the debate whether to keep the Turners Falls High School mascot, currently an Indian, at the first in a series of events set up by the school committee and Superintendent Michael Sullivan. About 20 members of the public attended the talk in the high school auditorium. The events aim to help inform the school committee as well as the public of the different perspectives in the current debate.

When asked if the mascot was selected to honor local Native Americans, Thomas said it was unlikely, but that he’d like to see proof if that is the case.  “That’s an argument we’ve been hearing time and time again,” said School Committee member Christina Postera, who asked the question.

Read about the evening in the Greenfield Recorder.


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