Supporters of Turners Falls Mascot Eye Referendum


Supporters of keeping the current Turners Falls Indians mascot are considering a referendum vote to gauge support among townspeople. The propriety of taking an issue concerning an educational institution to a popular vote in a municipality is to be called into question. The charges and responsibilities of these polities are widely divergent; demagoguery has no place in an educational setting.

Read the story in the Greenfield Recorder.


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3 thoughts on “Supporters of Turners Falls Mascot Eye Referendum”

  1. You’d think this would be a no-brainer – if its offensive to anyone. But sadly they don’t know the history or tribes – we’re pretty invisible. This is proof.

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    1. I read a defense by a resident (who identified as Native) of the Indians emblem as “honoring” by saying that after the colonial wars died down, many Mohawks moved back home among the settlers. Ummm… really? Mohawks? Just because Arthur Latham Perry and his surrogates declared Rt. 2 the Mohawk Trail (officially in 1914) doesn’t mean they knew what they were doing – or did they? Proof indeed.

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