Additional Stories for the Turners Falls Indians Mascot Review

Here’s a few more timely stories for the developing Turners Falls mascot debate. At this point in the scenario, the Gill-Montague Regional School District’s School Committee is looking at adopting a review process for considering the suitability of  the school district’s athletic mascot. As of last night’s meeting (09.27.2016), the review process has been adopted; it is expected that a public commentary and dialogue will follow, and the current mascot/identity – the Indians – will be examined as to whether it is appropriate to the social and educational environment and in keeping with school policy.

From MassLive: Turners Falls digs into bloody history of American Indian massacre helping spur move to change high school mascot.

Op-Ed from MassLive: Mascot dispute comes to Turners Falls.

From Turners Falls to review Native American mascot.

Video from WWLP:





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