David Bulley: Keeping the Turners Falls Mascot Harms Native Americans


“The mascot thing gets me really mad, Don’t think about it in terms of race. Think about it in terms of religion. Those are our religious imagery up there. Feather, the paint, the sun that’s our religious imagery. You couldn’t have a Catholic priest running around the floor with a basketball throwing communion wafers. You couldn’t have a rabbi running around.” — Native American writer and filmmaker Sherman Alexi

Turners Falls has for too long used an entire people as a mascot for its high school sports teams. The National Congress of American Indians as well as the Society of Indian Psychologists and the American Psychological Association have all published position papers calling for the immediate cessation of all team names and mascots using native American names or imagery citing the physiological harm it does.

Read the full Op-Ed in the Greenfield Recorder.


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