Petition for Change in the Turners Falls Indians Mascot Debate



Image above from Turtleboysports blog, in a post decrying the movement for change. Click note: there are multiple sexually-objectifying ads on this blog.

As the discussion continues surrounding the possible review of the Turners Falls High School’s mascot — currently the Indians — community members have circulated online petitions as a way to garner support and gauge interest on both sides of the argument.

A second petition, this one in support of the Turners Falls High School changing its mascot, was started Sunday morning by those calling for the Gill-Montague Regional School Committee to change it because of concerns of racist imagery and stereotyping of Native Americans. Those in support of changing the name say arguments surrounding the tradition are not enough to keep the name.

Read the latest update in the Greenfield Recorder.

The petition supporting the change can be found here.


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6 thoughts on “Petition for Change in the Turners Falls Indians Mascot Debate”

  1. This is not even worth debating. The image is offensive & demeaning. If one wants to honor First Nations people, name the school after a specific fallen hero or heroine. Otherwise, step into the 21st century & nix the bigoted image!

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