Background on Turners Falls Indians Mascot Review

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The decision to review whether to keep the Turners Falls High School “Indians” mascot arose from public comment at a spring Gill-Montague Regional School Committee meeting.

The issue was raised at the May 24 meeting by several community members who called for a name change. As a result, school officials this week put the issue on the table – in the form of a proposal that lays out how the committee would go about reviewing the appropriateness of the mascot name, if it chooses to.

A half-dozen Montague and Gill residents called for the committee to change the mascot name at the meeting, which was not reported on at the time, but recorded by Montague Community Television.

Sokoki Sojourn note: in actuality, this story WAS reported at the time, by the Montague Reporter. Review that coverage here.

Read the full article in the Greenfield Recorder here.


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