Missisquoi Abenaki Renew Hope for Federal Recognition

abenaki chief lawrence moose lampman swanton vt

Chief Lawrence “Moose” Lampman hopes to do what other chiefs before him, including his father, failed to do. He wants to obtain federal recognition for the Missisquoi band of Abenaki Indians, his tribe of over 2,200 individuals. The political fight will be expensive and arduous, but he is prepared to maneuver legislative red tape despite an ongoing battle with lung cancer.

Lampman, 63, sat in his office in the tribal council building on Grand Avenue in early August. To his right hung a weathered photo of his great-grandmother, an Abenaki like him. “I want to see federal recognition, and I want to see this building bustling with people and life,” Lampman said. That day, it was just him and his sister in their respective offices. The large main space inside the front door, decorated with artifacts and an Abenaki flag, was empty.

Read the full story in the Burlington Free Press.


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