1704 Raid Reenactment at Deerfield Museum

abenaki warrior deerfield

On Saturday, Feb. 27, and Sunday, Feb. 28, the Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association plans to host a commemoration of the 1704 raid on Deerfield. The battle that took place in the fields north of town will be re-enacted Saturday at 2 p.m., on Deerfield Academy’s athletic fields at the end of Albany Road. A master of ceremonies will provide commentary about the battle. Sunday is slated to feature additional entertainment, including a lecture by Amherst College historian Kevin Sweeney in an event sponsored by Historic Deerfield, Inc.

Full story in the Greenfield Recorder.


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7 thoughts on “1704 Raid Reenactment at Deerfield Museum”

  1. Rich,

    This is very interesting to me – I read about this raid, but what is interesting in the Mohawk and more Eastern Tribe link to the French, but then you have the Iroquois Nation to the west of there signiong with the English. That must have been a brutal march in February/March. It is also interesting to see so many captives who did not want to return. I’d like to see a list of their reasons. One account that I saw (can’t remember where) was that some women did not see living as frontier wives was better than living among the French in Montreal (City vs. rural?) or what have you?


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    1. The Mohawk tribe was split, in part between through conversion to Catholicism by French agency… This segment was often allied with the Eastern tribes and found themselves facing their brothers on the English side. Alliances shifted often, as a matter of diplomacy, economy, kinship, convenience, and pressure.

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  2. I went to one of the reenactments when I first moved here – took photos – and realized noone wanted to be the Indian (very few anyhow) – This region lacks so much in historic reality…it’s appalling.

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