Indigenous History and Heritage: A Journey

Nolumbeka Snow Moon Jennifer Lee

Join the Nolumbeka Project and Jennifer Lee at the Full Snow Moon Gathering, Saturday, February 20, 12-3 p.m., Great Falls Discovery Center, 2  Ave. A, Turners Falls, MA. Press release follows:

Jennifer Lee (Metis/Narragansett) will share her personal journey as a Native American descendant. Her lifelong passion is learning the true history and culture of this land and about the presence of Native People today. Free – donations welcome. Thanks to Nur Tiven for creating our beautiful poster. Thanks to DCR for their co-sponsorship.

Jennifer Lee is a beloved friend of the Nolumbeka Project and we are grateful for this opportunity to hear her story. Every year, she graces the Pocumtuck Homelands Festival and provides a picturesque tableau for the day with her wigwam and bark baskets under the trees on the riverfront. She is an independent student of American Indian History. She is also a student and a participant of Indian culture. She travels to learn and travels to share what she’s been learning about the true history of this land and the existence, persistence, and resistance of indigenous people today. For the past 22 years she’s presented educational programs at schools, historic sites, festivals, museums and reservations. These presentations usually include a traveling wigwam full of bark baskets. This program will feature bark baskets and a list of recommended movies.


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